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Here are the 2 latest designs in our line. We always love the coffee designs, these are always fun to work on, and we've added a new skull design because so many people were asking for one. Like always we want your opinion. It's because of the viewers that we come up with the art that we do. Thanks again for all the orders.

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On August 2nd I think many people were surprised to hear that Yasiel Puig had been demoted to the minors. There are numerous stories published about all the issues. That he had been plagued by injuries and surrounded by issues off the field are listed in many articles on why he is headed to Oklahoma. I took the time to read a few and some just covered the statistics and last year’s record was not good, but it looked like it was improving this year. I’m not a baseball expert but I sure do love a good baseball game and I started going to more when Yasiel joined the team in 2013. His joining the team was one of the reasons we became involved with Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium.

Yasiel signed a 7-year contract for 42 million in 2012. Pretty great for a young man who tried 5 times before he successfully defected from Cuba. Look up his path out of Cuba to see a truly scary story that would make quite a drama/action movie, but that’s a whole other story.

Being part of Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium I got to spend some times behind the scenes and met Yasiel Puig at these events. He just seemed so young. He was always very sweet and seemed to enjoy having a day to celebrate Cuban Heritage. During the first event he brought his mother. He would change into our Cuban Heritage Day t-shirt and take the time to talk to the crowds. He was a nice boy the same age as my youngest son.

I’m sure the experts will continue to debate what happened, for me I wish him luck. Take this as a new starting point. Be cautious with your money, be careful who you spend time with, get serious about getting back into playing shape and watch for your next opportunity. Be humble and work hard, it’s what I would tell my sons.

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