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Habana Brand Clothing is about music, food, dance, attitude and culture.  It’s all about loving who you are and how you feel.  Putting a smile on your face and on the face of the person next to you.  We’re not about one race or one nationality.  We are about everyone because we are all one individual.   With me, it’s all about the art.  I never go anywhere without a pencil.  I never stop thinking about how I can improve on someone’s look or the design of his or her garment.  I take matchbooks from a restaurant because I think they’re cool looking.  I sit and sketch ideas whenever I’m waiting at the Dentist or Doctors office.  I look at the artwork on someone’s wall and critique it inside my head.  I walk into a restaurant and imagine what colors would make this place more inviting for the kind of food it serves.

I came from a place so unique and special that no matter how much someone tried to destroy it, it would always be as I once pictured it because you cannot destroy what is truly within.  When I think of Cuba, I think of art, music, great food, people, and love.  I think of a time when you could walk into a Café and buy a small cup of espresso for only 5 cents.  You could see people dancing on the street corner.  This is what I try to bring to my clothing line, a time that once was.  A time that will be instilled in me forever.  I want to bring a little bit of Cuba into everyone’s life.

NBC Los Angeles

My wife Lucy and Myself

My mother in Habana, Cuba

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