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The History of Cuban Heritage Day!

Way back in the summer of 2013 we heard about an event being held at Dodger Stadium. We decided to go check it out on a very hot day in August. The music was playing, everyone was dancing and we saw so many people we hadn’t seen in a while. Then we enjoyed some Dodgers Baseball. We thought, “This is great, hope they do this again next year”.

In 2014, we met Rose Marin Trujillo, who along with a few others had started Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium. We were officially invited to be part of the Cuban Heritage Day committee and we have never looked back. For the last three years, we have created an annual collector’s item. Along the way, we have also an enormous amount of fun. Here’s what 2014 looked like. Tony Plano throw the first ball, Yasiel Puig took a group picture with us and the Porto’s family received an award for their commitment to helping the community.

2015 was a new adventure and a new collector’s shirt was created. Nothing feels better than walking through Dodger Stadium and seeing crowds of people wearing a shirt we designed. Emilio Estefan throw out the first pitch and took pictures with our group. He was the nicest man and posed with everyone. The Gavina Family received an award from the Dodgers. Here are a few pictures from the 2015 event.

In 2016 there were changes at Dodger Stadium so instead of doing a t-shirt we did a collector’s hat for Cuban Heritage Day. We sold out on the hats and we saw so many people wearing the shirts from the previous two years. Dodgers won and we had a great time. No idea what will happen next year but we hope somewhere Cubans will get together and celebrate their heritage. Wherever that happens we hope we are there.

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